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Sunan Bonang

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Sunan Bonang / Syekh Maulana Makhdum Ibrahim

From various sources mentioned that Sunan Bonang was the original name is sheik Makhdum Maulana Ibrahim. The son of Sunan Ampel and Dewi Condrowati often called Nyai Ageng Manila. Dewi said that there was Condrowati daughter of Prabu Kertabumi have also said that the Goddess is Condrowati Adipati Tuban foster daughter who is already Islamite Ario Tejo.

As a Guardian, and is considered the patriarch General Mufti or religious leader se Tanah Jawa, Sunan Ampel, of course, have knowledge which is very high.

Since small, Raden Makdum He has been the subject of Islam and diligent discipline. It is not a secret anymore that the exercise or riadha the Guardian is more serious than the common people. Raden Ibrahim Makdum Guardian is a great potential, since the Sunan Ampel also prepared as early as possible. Mentioned a variety of literature that he and Makdum Raden Raden Paku while still teenagers continue to Islamic religious lessons to the Land of Pasai Affairs. Both add to the knowledge of Islam sheikh Awwalul father or uterus of Sunan Giri, also learn the great scholars who lived in a lot of Pasai. As mysticism expert scholars who came from Baghdad, Egypt, Arabia and Iran or Persi. After studying at the Pasai Affairs, Ibrahim, and Raden Makdum Raden Paku returned keJawa. Raden Paku returned to Gresik, boarding up in the so famous as Giri Sunan Giri.

Raden Ibrahim Makdum being ordered to Sunan Ampel berdakwah diTuban. In berdakwa Raden Ibrahim Makdum often practice this art to attract their sympathy, which is a set of gamelan called Bonang.

Bonang is a kind of brass that ditonjolkan in the middle. When benjolan was beaten with wooden and soft voice that timbullah fluty ditelinga local residents. All the more when Raden Ibrahim Makdum tool that blast music that, he was a Wali who have taste of high art, so he bunyikan they are very powerful for the pendengarnya. Each Makdum Raden Ibrahim blast Bonang, certainly many people who want to come listen. And not a few of those who want to learn as well as sing snap Bonang tembang - tembang creation Makdum Raden Ibrahim.

That strategy Makdum Raden Ibrahim runs a full kesabaran.Setelah successfully seized simpatinya people live just to fill in the teachings of Islam to them.

Tembang tembang-taught Raden Ibrahim is Makdum tembang containing the teachings of religion without Islam.Sehingga already felt the study of Islam with the happy, not with coercion.

Among the famous song is:

“Tamba ati iku sak warnane,

Maca Qur’an angen-angen sak maknane,

Kaping pindho shalat sunah lakonona,

Kaping telu wong kang saleh kancanana,

Kaping papat kudu wetheng ingkang luwe,

Kaping lima dzikir wengi ingkang suwe,

Sopo wongé bisa ngelakoni, Insya Allah Gusti Allah nyemba dani.

Artinya :

Obat sakit jiwa ( hati ) itu ada lima jenisnya.

Pertama membaca Al-Qur’an dengan artinya,

Kedua mengerjakan shalat malam ( sunnah Tahajjud ),

Ketiga sering bersahabat dengan orang saleh ( berilmu ),

Keempat harus sering berprihatin ( berpuasa ),

Kelima sering berdzikir mengingat Allah di waktu malam,

Siapa saja mampu mengerjakannya, Insya Allah Tuhan Allah mengabulkan.

Up to now more often the singing of santri when trying to pray jama'ah, both in rural and dipesantren. Students Raden Ibrahim Makdum this very much, both located in Tuban, Bawean Island, Jepara and Madura. Because he often occupy Bonang berdakwah in the community gave him the title Sunan Bonang. He also created works of literature which is called mysticism. Up to now literature works Sunan Bonang was regarded as a very powerful work, full of beauty and meaning of life. Mysticism Sunan Bonang neatly stored in the Library University of Leiden, Netherlands. (Nederland)

During his life, including the proponent of Sunan Bonang Islamic kingdom of Demak, and assist to establish the Great Mosque of Demak. Demak by society when, he was known as the leader of the troops of Demak. He decided that adoption of Sunan Ngudung as the commander of the Islamic Demak.

When Sunan Ngudung killed, Sunan Bonang also raise the Sunan Kudus as a war commander. Provided valuable advice on the Sunan Kudus about war strategy to Majapahit. In addition, Sunan Bonang deemed fair in making decisions that satisfy many people, through the council-the council \ '\' court \ '\' that dipimpinnya.

For example, in a story on the court itself sheik Siti jenar, alias sheik Lemah Abang. Venue \ '\' court \ '\' itself has two versions. One version says, the trial was conducted in the Great Mosque Kasepuhan, Cirebon. But, the other version, the trial was held in the Great Mosque of Demak. Sunan Bonang also play a role in lifting Raden Patah.

Broadcast in the teachings of Islam, Sunan Bonang on a number of books, among other Ulumuddin's Ihya al-Ghazali, and al-Anthaki of David al-Anthaki. Also, any posts Yzid Abu Al-Busthami and sheik Abdul Qadir Jaelani. Bonang Sunang teachings, according to the JGH Gunning dissertation and thesis BJO Schrieke, three-pole load religion: mysticism, ussuludin, and Jurisprudence.

Teachings of mysticism, for example, according to the version of Sunan Bonang is important because it shows how people experience the life of Islam and the seriousness with kecintaannya to God. The Muslim must perform, for example, prayer, fasting, and pay zakat. In addition, people should avoid the three main enemies: the world, carnality, and the devil.

To avoid the third \ '\' the enemy \ '\' is, not many people are encouraged to speak, be humble, not easy to despair, and give thanks on the favor of God. Instead, people should avoid malicious attitude, arrogant, greedy, mad and rank and honor. According to Gunning and Schrieke, the teachings of the script is a script Sunan Bonang Wali Songo, which is relatively more complete.

Guardian of the teachings of other naskahnya not found, and if there are not so full. There are also teachings that come from Sunan Bonang teachings sheik Jumadil KUBRO, ayahanda Maulana Malik Ibrahim, a decrease to the teachings of Sunan Ampel, Sunan Bonang, Sunan Drajat, Sunan Kalijaga, and Sunan Muria.

Dikisahkan he had conquered the lead hijacker and one child only fruit and take the mine gending. Dharma and rhythm Mocopa, t So gending ditabuh Kebondanu fruit and children can not afford to move, all of them as joint dilolosi of place. Gagallah so that they carry jahatnya intention.

"Forgiveness ... ... .... cut the sound of the gamelan, we are not strong! "The rintih Kebondanu fruit and children.

"Gending we bunyikan not actually a bad effect on you if you are careful not bad and evil."

"Yes, we surrender, we repent! We will not do evil deeds again, but ... ... .... "Kebondanu half forward's words.

"Why Kebondanu, continue ucapanmu!" Said Sunan Bonang.

"Can God forgive sins that we have not counted many more," said Kebondanu with doubt. "We have often hijack, murder and other crime."

"Repentance is always open doors for everyone," said Sunan Bonang. "Allah is Forgiving, the Lord of the Recipient and repentance."

"Although our sins as mountains?" Ask Kebondanu.

"Yes, even though your sins at the mountain of sand and on the sea."

Finally Kebondanu truly repent and become a student of Sunan Bonang the faithful. Similarly, the children fruit. On a when there is also a holy Brahmana who sailed from India to Tuban. The goal would spar and kesaktian complain about problems with the religious Sunan Bonang. However, when he sailed to the Tuban, perahunya upside dihantam storm. Although he and his followers succeeded in saving themselves reference books that would be to argue with Sunan Bonang was sinking to the seabed. The beach they saw a white man berjubah running while carrying a stick. They stopped the man and menyapanya. Berjubah the white man stop tongkatnya steps and stick to the sand.

"I come from India want to find a great theologian named Sunan Bonang." Said the Brahmana.

"To explore what Mr Sunan Bonang?" Ask the man.

"I'll get debate about religious issues, said the Brahmana." But my books that I take has been drowned kedasar sea. "

Without a lot of talk that deprive men tongkatnya the stick dipasir, sudden tersemburlah water from the hole stick it, bring out all the books that brought the Brahmana.

Itukah books that Mr kedasar submerged sea? "Ask the man.

The Brahmana followers and examine the books. In fact his own right. Berdebarlah heart of the suspect while Brahmana guess who actually berjubah white man is.

"What is the name of this place I were?" Ask the Brahmana

"Tuan is dipantai Tuban!" Answered the man. The Brahmana and immediately throw away the followers kneel before the man was. Mendiga They can surely berjubah white man is the Sunan Bonang own.

Siapalagi magic berilmu people who are higher than dikota Tuban Sunan Bonang. The Brahmana is not so challenging conduct Sunan Bonang intention to compete kesaktian and discuss religious issues, even then he was to act Sunan Bonang and Sunan Bonang entrant into the faithful.

Sunan Bonang died on the island of Bawean, in 1525. Akan dimakamkan time, there is struggle between the citizens and residents Bawean Bonang, Tuban. Residents want to Bawean Sunan Bonang dimakamkan on their island, because the Sunan berdakwah had on the island north of Java. However, residents did not want to receive Tuban. On the night after his death, a number of students from Bonang to settle Bawean, \ '\' theft \ '\' relic of the Sunan.

Esoknya, dilakukanlah funeral. Strangely, Sunan Bonang bones remain, both in and in the Bonang Bawean! Therefore, until now, tomb of Sunan Bonang in two places. One on the island of Bawean, and one in the west of Masjid Agung Tuban, Kutareja Village, Tuban. Now the grave is dikitari wall with three layers page. Each page of the wall have an limited gate.

Adalagi strange legend about Sunan Bonang.

When he died, jenasahnya would be brought to Surabaya dimakamkan adjacent to the Sunan Ampel ayahandanya. But the ship is used carry jenazahnya can not move until forced jenazahnya Sunan Bonang dimakamkan in Tuban, namely the west Masjid Jami 'Tuban

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